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The farm

Under the care of the Dumont Adams family, which has been in the coffee business for five generations, Fazenda Morada da Prata is proud to present excellent quality coffees and, at the same time, to rescue and protect the local culture and nature.

Located in Batatais, in the Alta Mogiana region, in São Paulo, Brazil, the farm is at an altitude of 850 meters, on a mountainside with a very particular microclimate.

144 of the farm's 456 hectares are comprised of a beautifully preserved native forest, where large animals circulate freely and typical Atlantic Forest species are protected from extinction. 146 hectares of coffee and 108 hectares of sugar cane are cultivated in rich, clay-like soil, predominantly red and red-yellow latosol, in addition to pastures and eucalyptus trees.

The local microclimate is very specific, with the presence of low clouds during winter mornings, which makes this mountain edge more humid and cool than the local average. The rain pattern is bountiful, with about 1,500mm/year.

A perfect terroir coupled with the passion for coffee and a centenary dedication to the fruit result in exceptional cups and stories full of soul and charm.

Fazenda Morada da Prata is all about excellence, tradition, and affection.

“The most beautiful thing about coffee is that it changes all year round. It changes colour from time to time. It's very beautiful when it grows, when in bloom, the green leaves ... But I also notice the earth, I compare the differences. Every year is new.” - Maria Helena Dumont Adams

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