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Our location

Located in Batatais, 40 km from Ribeirão Preto, in the State of São Paulo, and about 50 km from Franca, Fazenda Morada da Prata is in the Alta Mogiana region.

A dry winter climate and the rich vegetation of the Atlantic Forest characterize this terroir, at 850 meters above sea level. Known for species such as copaiba, cinnamon, jequitibá and cedar, the forest forms a natural corridor that connects the area of five springs. The place is known for its rich fauna, with large animals, such as jaguar, deer, ocelot, anacondas and rattlesnakes.

The coffee plantation has the privilege of being at the edges of the forest and springs, where low temperatures predominate, ensuring comfort for the coffee trees and the best development and maturation of the fruit.

Morada da Prata Farm
Batatais, Sao Paulo, Brazil
20º57’21.28" S  47º33’35.73" W

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