Who we are


Maria Helena, the Morada da Prata owner, is the fourth generation of coffee producers. Great-niece of Alberto Santos Dumont, "the father of aviation", she carries in her blood a passion for innovation and knowledge. When she inherited Fazenda Morada da Prata from her parents, she courageously faced the mission of being responsible for the property. In the 70s, she diversified the farm's production, and Maria Helena ended up specializing in coffee, sugarcane, and Tabapuã cattle. Even today, she is passionate about coffee trees, the flowering, and the red fruits, and loves to follow each harvest closely.


A former architect, Arnaldo decided to dedicate himself to the family business. For 26 years, the Morada da Prata's CEO was responsible for an agricultural machinery factory, and after spending a year in the United States, he returned even more convinced of his purpose to invest in the cultivation of speciality coffees at Morada da Prata.


Born very close to Morada da Prata, in Batatais (SP), Juliana is responsible for all administrative and financial matters at Fazenda Morada da Prata. A coffee lover since she was a child, Juliana has recently joined the world of speciality coffees and vibrates with each discovery. "I found that I even have a good taste to distinguish some nuances of coffee."


A 42-year-old from São Paulo, our manager has worked almost all his life with coffee. He loves espresso and a nice Morada da Prata coffee prepared on the Hario V60, but his favourite time of the day is breakfast, which he has with his family together.



Produce special, unique and exclusive coffees, grown with passion, technology, and sustainability.



Be present in the best coffee shops and speciality stores on all continents by 2028.


Transparency, responsibility and integrity

Towards people, nature, coffee — in everything we do, day and night.


Focus on the customer

We strive to deeply understand the needs of our customers and meet them with empathy, helpfulness, and agility. Always.


Search for excellence and an innovative spirit

That's the story of the Dumont Adams family, it's in our DNA.

Preservation and love for nature

There isn't a possible future without a sustainable practice and respect for the environment.

From the selection of seedlings to the delivery of coffee to our partners, the focus is on working in harmony with nature.

Respect people. Feed the dreams

We believe in personal growth, in a participative spirit, and in a happy and respectful environment for building a team that seeks a better future for everyone and the planet.