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Fazenda Morada da Prata has been producing coffee for five generations. In this land, coffee trees of various varieties have been produced — and many cherry, yellow and red fruits have been selectively harvested. In this quest for excellence in coffee, we frequently analyze the plants that work best in our terroir — and, for some years, we've expanded the portfolio of varieties with which we work.

The oldest plots in the farm contain plants from the Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon and Catuaí varieties. The most recent plots are filled with Catuaí 99, IPR 100, Acauã, IPR103 and Arara varieties, which are more productive, resistant and suitable for the farm's microclimate.


“How do I drink coffee? All through the day, in morning, the afternoon, and the evening. We got used to the electric coffee makers, but the filter ... oh, filtered coffee is the real thing, right? It has more soul, more personality. It tastes like distant memories.” - Maria Helena Dumont Adams



In the last harvests, speciality coffees (above 80 points) accounted for 70% of the Fazenda Morada da Prata's production. This is a respectable volume of high-quality coffees, but our search for excellence is a daily effort. In this journey, we tested new varieties, processed different plots in different manners, and, in this way, we were able to obtain rare and award-winning micro-lots.

Our coffees, selectively harvested by hand, semi-mechanized, and mechanized, undergo various post-harvest processes, which enhance all the care already practiced in crop management. One of them is the natural processing method, which we have perfected with the use of concrete and suspended terraces. We make this our priority — and the natural sustainable process highlights the unique characteristics of the grains. Some micro lots are being fermented under rigorous guidelines, in search of subtleties, emphasizing the quality of the fruits.

In addition to the terraces, we complement the drying process with Cool Seed dryers, which guarantee the physical and sensory preservation of the product with strict digital temperature and airflow controls. We also have a complete storage and processing structure on site.

“Our dry process is being rediscovered around the world. What we have observed here in our region is that the coffees have shown very interesting characteristics, with subtle, complex notes. This, together with the great dedication from the producers, results in exceptional and surprising coffees.” - Arnaldo A. Ribeiro Pinto

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- Selected spout and sieves

- Micro lots

- Nano lots

- Mokas


- Suspended terrace

- Concrete terrace

- “Cool Seed” dryers

- Controlled fermentation micro lots

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